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What have I learned after 90 days?

Finish strong. 

This was what I wanted to accomplish as the weeks neared to May 14, Mother’s Day celebration this year, which also happened to be the 90th and final day of my weight management program.

When the night came, I said thanksgiving to God, for my Mom and Dad, for the 90-day journey. It felt like a marathon just ended, but I know deep inside that this is only the beginning. So finishing strong may be the same as beginning strong.

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My Health Journey – Recipes Part I

This post is part of my Health Journey series. You may read the first two entries here and here.

When I was younger, I used to watch a lot of cooking shows. I enjoy watching the whole process from selection of ingredients and the preparation to the cooking, plating, and of course, the tasting. I used to joke around that I’d love to be a judge in a cooking show someday, but that will remain a dream.

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My Health Journey – Forming good habits

Today is Day 12 of my health journey with the weight management program that I am in which is ageLOC TR90 of the Pharmanex division of Nu Skin. In my first post about my decision to finally take control of my fitness and lifestyle, I wasn’t able to share an overview about the program.

What is ageLOC TR90?

ageLOC TR90 is a 90-day weight management and body-shaping program for those who want to get in shape, grow their muscles, and lose excess fat. In this way, you will be able to achieve your ideal body weight. What sets it apart from other programs is that it is the first and only genetics-based weight management approach.

According to the TR90 product information page, research showed that body weight and shape are connected to gene expression.

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My Health Journey – The first 7 days


This post is the first of my health journey series. Before I share where I am today in my journey, I have to share first how I was before and what got me started with prioritizing health. For context and as a way for me too to finally document my condition years ago, I’ve written in detail about my acid reflux encounter. Hoping that this may serve as an inspiration and call to action for us to take care of our bodies, so we may take care of others and do the things that God sends us to do.

In college, I don’t think I was the conscious and picky eater. I would drink carbonated drinks and powdered juice drinks, have sisig and other oily meals, and go for instant noodles and microwavable meals when a quick meal is all I could eat when school stuff piled up.

Eating cleanly and healthily weren’t priorities. In fact, I probably thought that the only time I was unhealthy was when I was not suffering from triggered asthma attacks (because of exhaustion or laughing so hard!). I knew so little about good health then.

In high school, I was a big eater too. I remember eating 3 or 4 packs (or was it 4? Haha!) of pancit canton, loaded with preservatives, finishing a cylinder pack of potato chips, and munching on chocolates. My cups of rice would probably from 3-4 or more when we had my favorites like my Mom’s chicken and pork adobo, teriyaki chicken, or ginataang sitaw at kalabasa. My Mom and Dad cook delicious meals with lots of love, so it was a challenge for me to discipline myself.

I remember reaching 80 kilograms at one point in high school, but I mostly remained at 75 kg then. It was the same in college, until I got sick due to stress and poor eating habits. In my 1st to 2nd year, I was at 70 kg, and during my 3rd year when I got acid reflux, my weight spiraled down to the lightest I’ve ever been in my life: 58 kg.

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