Like how the Iba tree thrives

Several small round yellow fruits covered the Iba tree's branches. My cousins and I used to eat the fruits when we were younger. I don't know if it is its season this summer, but this tree is thriving. I didn't even know that we still had it until I heard it from Tito Pads, one of… Continue reading Like how the Iba tree thrives


"I thank God that many families, which are far from considering themselves perfect, live in love, fulfil their calling and keep moving forward, even if they fall many times along the way. The Synod’s reflections show us that there is no stereotype of the ideal family, but rather a challenging mosaic made up of many… Continue reading Patches

Everything I Learned, I Learned from You

There we were, two very good friends since high school, propped up comfortably on the bed while looking at photos of activities of the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines. Let me share to you how inspired I was. While listening to her stories and the ardour that the students she talked about, I was… Continue reading Everything I Learned, I Learned from You