Waiting for an eclipse on a mountain park

It was the 21st of August, 2017. It was overcast the moment I opened my eyes and gazed at the window. The sky and possibility of rain in the Las Vegas Valley tempted me to stay longer in bed and sleep, but I decided to get up instead. My cousin Jango stood there in the… Continue reading Waiting for an eclipse on a mountain park

Silence that can be heard

Our car fled up the mountain roads with the front windows and one back window open. My cousin did say that it would be cooler up in Spring Mountains (Mt. Charleston) - around 70 degrees. Truly, it was colder compared to the temperature in the flat lands. When one is out in the sun in… Continue reading Silence that can be heard

Life as a Masterpiece

When you say that someone is creative, the first thing I would think of is that this person is an artist.┬áThis person either paints, draws, sculpts, or does crafts - basically anything related to the arts industry. This may be the case usually, but as I ponder on the term 'creativity' more and think about… Continue reading Life as a Masterpiece