Drowning in grass in Mt. Talamitam

My first hike was on a whim. It was a short one too. We were driving in Sedona, Arizona, after we visited our cousins in Phoenix last December 2014. Before going to Prescott to visit my Tita Tess, Tessa, and Paffy too (and their cats!), my cousin Ouel decided that he, my Mom, and I… Continue reading Drowning in grass in Mt. Talamitam

Muddy Shoes, Roasted Marshmallows

The company I am working at now for almost eleven months came at the right time in my life. This has been one of the times when I could say that God's timing is perfect. It was a two-hour ride from Manila to Lipa, Batangas where Bluroze Farms Parks and Wildlife was located. I will… Continue reading Muddy Shoes, Roasted Marshmallows