What is your Best Yes?

It was November 2015. A gentle warm light poured in through the large windows behind us. Worship started and ended with bright hopes and serene tunes, lunch was delicious, and the day was only starting.

I listened intently to our speaker, Ms Rhiza Oyos, the founder of Pursuit Manila under Pursuit Community. It was my first time to attend one of their events upon the kind invitation of a dear friend, Denise.

She was sharing about a wise woman from the Bible, and she knew of her story through Lysa TerKeurst‘s The Best Yes book. This was how I was first introduced to this work that would eventually help me get my decision-making better.

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The Sunday Currently II

 Today is a good day to reflect. The weather is cold, unlike the other weeks that passed when it had been humid and hot. There was a light shower earlier, and the sky has been gray up to this afternoon.
reading still The Best Yes, but I’m nearing the end already. I’ve also started reading Madeleine L’Engle’s Meet the Austins, the first book in her Austin Family chronicles. I’m truly thankful to the person who left it at The Book Stop in Ayala Triangle. I came back for it with an old book from my shelf, so I could read it.
writing deeply. For some reason, I want to continue writing more. It has always been a love of mine ever since I was young. Though reading was the first, it invited writing afterwards.

listening to the calming pieces of the Wolf Children soundtrack. There are days like this when I just listen to the songs over and over… I truly loved this movie so much.

thinking about relationships. For us to have God-honoring friendships, relationships, and marriages, we must first have a personal relationship with God that we continuously nurture through prayer, reading His Word, and quiet time. Then we must seek and build a positive connection with ourselves internally too, so we will not pass on to others the frustration in ourselves.
smelling the rain on the ground.

wishing that I could use blogging more as a way to glorify God and to share lessons with others.

hoping for a little bit of courage, faith, and clarity.
wearing house-clothes!

loving people who are so generous in showing how God has been so good to them and who use their gifts as a way of praising Him and helping others.

wanting to be serious in jogging/running lately because of a friend’s discipline and determination in this area. Not that I wasn’t serious during my past jogs, I just wasn’t consistent. But on this recent Friday night jog/run with my friend, I felt happy and free again while running. Truly, this has always been a favorite thing to do ever since… And it will always will be.
needing patience. All things grow in time.
feeling hopeful.

clicking through blogs I love to read.

The Sunday Currently was started by siddathornton.

Sunday Currently I

Sundays are always a good time to reflect on things and on our lives. I’ll start today by doing my own Sunday Currently, which was started by siddathornton.
DSCF2739 copy
A little painting I did last March based on a childhood photo of my cousins and I
reading Lysa TerKeurst’s The Best Yes. I’ve had this since January 2016, but it is only now I have decided to read it, because I felt the need to improve my decision-making by basing it on God’s Word. When it comes to decisions, it takes a lot of time for me to weigh the pros and cons, to consider the current situation, see where my heart and mind are coming from, and seek advices from my Mom and Dad and close friends. So far, it’s been helping me tremendously!


writing down my why’s and the values I want to build our business on, as well as the personal and shared dreams that my Mom, Dad, and I want to realize someday.


listening to piano instrumental pieces that my Dad has in his phone. It makes our house feel like a spa sometimes, which is a good thing!


thinking about the next steps to implement in our business. I’ve realized that I’m way out of my comfort zone right now, because I’m not really a business-, sales-, or marketing- person. But somehow, over the past few months, I’m appreciating how business can become a platform for us to help other people, especially if the products we carry are of high-quality and can truly improve people’s health and wellness in several specific aspects. There’s also the culture of empowering others by teaching them an attitude for excellence, value, and integrity, so that they too can help support their family well. Venturing into business is stretching me in ways that I was sure I won’t be able to grow in like leadership, speaking, and becoming an obedient and good follower. I’m excited about the growth I’ll enter into, hoping that I can help others grow as well.


smelling my favorite Filipino dish prepared and cooked by my Mom: chicken adobo with lots of garlic!


wishing for a little more faith in myself, that I can be more responsible, loving, and caring not just to my Mom and Dad and family but also to other people that the Lord leads me to meet.


hoping that my Mom, Dad, and I can spend more time together with our families.


wearing pambahay (house-clothes!)


loving my Mom and Dad. I’m thankful for the past few weeks we’ve been staying together, talking about our plans, business, and our own stories, eating together, and going out to visit places.


wanting to bake banana bread and make fruit ice cream!


needing discipline, responsibilities, corrections, improvements, learning, mindset shift, prayers. Also, to make my March monthly review!


feeling hopeful and healthy. This is the time I’ve been feeling really healthy. For the past 5 days or so, my Dad and I have been walking from one place to another (within 1 city, of course!) Just last night in Ortigas – a place I’m not so familiar with yet – I was feeling so good, even if I was walking from 1 place to another. It rained a bit, but when I was finally outside, it stopped. I’m thankful for the Lord for giving us ways on becoming healthy.


clicking blogs, interviews, and podcasts on the success stories and creative processes of people I look up to or are in the same industry as I am


There’s still much in my heart and mind lately, but for now, I can say that things are changing, I’m changing, and I pray that the Lord guides my family and I in all we do according to His Word.


There’s always so much to learn!

No other reason but to be a saint


We drove through a long road. Some parts had arching trees, some had upright ones, some had none, but most of the path made us feel protected.


We were behind a tricycle carrying slender tree trunks (bamboo shoots, perhaps?) on top of its canopy. Behind us was another tricycle. As the one ahead turned right to a path going to another barangay, the other followed. We continued forward.

At a crossroads after a 10-minute drive from the town, we turned left, and the road rose to an open gate that led us to a silent monastery on top of a hill in between the mountains in Castillejos, Zambales.

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My Health Journey – The first 7 days


This post is the first of my health journey series. Before I share where I am today in my journey, I have to share first how I was before and what got me started with prioritizing health. For context and as a way for me too to finally document my condition years ago, I’ve written in detail about my acid reflux encounter. Hoping that this may serve as an inspiration and call to action for us to take care of our bodies, so we may take care of others and do the things that God sends us to do.

In college, I don’t think I was the conscious and picky eater. I would drink carbonated drinks and powdered juice drinks, have sisig and other oily meals, and go for instant noodles and microwavable meals when a quick meal is all I could eat when school stuff piled up.

Eating cleanly and healthily weren’t priorities. In fact, I probably thought that the only time I was unhealthy was when I was not suffering from triggered asthma attacks (because of exhaustion or laughing so hard!). I knew so little about good health then.

In high school, I was a big eater too. I remember eating 3 or 4 packs (or was it 4? Haha!) of pancit canton, loaded with preservatives, finishing a cylinder pack of potato chips, and munching on chocolates. My cups of rice would probably from 3-4 or more when we had my favorites like my Mom’s chicken and pork adobo, teriyaki chicken, or ginataang sitaw at kalabasa. My Mom and Dad cook delicious meals with lots of love, so it was a challenge for me to discipline myself.

I remember reaching 80 kilograms at one point in high school, but I mostly remained at 75 kg then. It was the same in college, until I got sick due to stress and poor eating habits. In my 1st to 2nd year, I was at 70 kg, and during my 3rd year when I got acid reflux, my weight spiraled down to the lightest I’ve ever been in my life: 58 kg.

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