He huffed, he puffed, and he brought a book sale to Manila, Philippines

After a busy office day, my Mom and I went to the Big Bad Wolf Sale here in World Trade Center, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines last Feb. 21, the VIP day. The BBW, before it opened to the public last Feb. 22 (Fri), had a special day for VIPs who won their ticket giveaway.… Continue reading He huffed, he puffed, and he brought a book sale to Manila, Philippines

The red-headed girl amidst the green

L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables went to me at a most opportune time, for I read and finished Anne Shirley's story of growing up and learning, while I was (still am) gradually transitioning towards womanhood. I am 25 years old, yet I still do believe I am childish at times. My childishness can weigh… Continue reading The red-headed girl amidst the green

I finally met the Austins

It was drizzling. The afternoon skies, instead of being golden or pink, were gray. I held my closed umbrella; I did not open it. I wasn't afraid of rain that time. I was at Ayala Triangle, Makati, waiting for my old friend in college because we were going to jog together that Friday night. There… Continue reading I finally met the Austins

What is your Best Yes?

It was November 2015. A gentle warm light poured in through the large windows behind us. Worship started and ended with bright hopes and serene tunes, lunch was delicious, and the day was only starting. I listened intently to our speaker, Ms Rhiza Oyos, the founder of Pursuit Manila under Pursuit Community. It was my first… Continue reading What is your Best Yes?

Meet the eagle, rooster, carabao, and tarsier

2017 Reads: YOUNIQUE - Understanding Others by Understanding You by Jayson Lo Back in college, our Editor-in-Chief Kuya Venz would share personality tests to the staff. I can't recall if he was the one who introduced to us the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, but I do remember him teaching us about the Dominant, Supportive, Influential, and… Continue reading Meet the eagle, rooster, carabao, and tarsier

Let’s tell them to look up.

If You Feel Too Much: Thoughts on Things Found and Lost and Hoped For by Jamie Tworkowski This book traveled from the US to Philippines shores, landed on the hands of a dear friend, and eventually made its way to me on September 3, 2016. The other night, I kept it close to me after I… Continue reading Let’s tell them to look up.

“Never, ever give a dog who comes to you anything but love.”

The Mountaintop School for Dogs and Other Second Chances by Ellen Cooney Alaska, snowy mountains, wooden lodges and inns, second chances, sanctuaries, rescues, one 24-year-old short-haired girl, one boy who seems like a hobbit, a strict but soft innkeeper, and dogs.  If someone were to ask me the places I have traveled to, I would… Continue reading “Never, ever give a dog who comes to you anything but love.”