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Landing in Las Vegas III: Restaurants and Shops

When I write in my journals, I’d always put where my family and I have eaten. Because when I can remember the place we were in, I’d also recall the environment, the smells, what we did there, and what we talked about during those times.

To record the moments that my Mom and our family spent together around dinner tables and sharing delicious food together, I want to dedicate this post to that purpose. Also, if ever you find yourself in Las Vegas, you can visit these places, have a taste of their specialties, and meet the very hospitable and kind people there.

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Landing in Las Vegas I: Hotels and the Strip

I knew little of Las Vegas… From how it was portrayed in some movies, it’s this place with bright lights, casinos, and partying. It definitely has the bright lights, casinos, and energetic vibes throughout the Strip where most of the big casinos are, but as my Mom and I came to stay there with our relatives for our vacation last December 2014, a different side of Vegas showed itself.

What stuck to me the most is that this is the city where a few of our relatives call home. My Tita Mila’s home is where the family reunions are held, because our relatives from my Mom’s side are in California and Arizona, so Vegas is the midpoint.

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My Health Journey – Forming good habits

Today is Day 12 of my health journey with the weight management program that I am in which is ageLOC TR90 of the Pharmanex division of Nu Skin. In my first post about my decision to finally take control of my fitness and lifestyle, I wasn’t able to share an overview about the program.

What is ageLOC TR90?

ageLOC TR90 is a 90-day weight management and body-shaping program for those who want to get in shape, grow their muscles, and lose excess fat. In this way, you will be able to achieve your ideal body weight. What sets it apart from other programs is that it is the first and only genetics-based weight management approach.

According to the TR90 product information page, research showed that body weight and shape are connected to gene expression.

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