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Related, connected, loved

While reading a certain article on Brain Pickings the other night, I was inspired to write the following about interconnectedness:

Everything and everyone is connected…

The universe is in relationship to a human being as a cell to a system. One atom of a young woman reading the news this morning in a cafe somewhere across the Pacific is in relationship with a galaxy outside of ours. The stars in the heavens may as well be like the neurons in our brains; one thought can negatively or positively send some kind of energy towards somewhere, so one must be careful with her thoughts. One small or big thing has an effect on something else.

What we do can affect our world, our solar system, our galaxy, our tissues, our bodies, our relationship with others. I think about it right now: had Madeleine L’Engle, one of the writers who showed me the way to be brave about merging science and faith and putting spiritual themes in her books, given up on writing more when A Wrinkle in Time was rejected not less than 10 times, I probably would not be lying on my back right now reading more about writing and her interviews in some websites.

By the character, persona, genius, perseverance of someone else, I was moved. Like in writing, we connect events and people for the whole story to make sense.

Connections, relationships, friendship, love… the universe makes sense because of relationships.

To relate. To be relatable. To be on the same page. To have similar circumstances or perspectives. To be moved. To be inspired. By the beauty and story and people around me and far from me, I know and feel that there has been an effect in my own life and way of seeing. Because of the very existence too and lives of these people, my family, friends, and people I meet even online, I know I am made a better version today because of them. Lifting each other up through our lives, directly and indirectly.


A lifting indeed, an improvement, a stretching, a welcoming. In our connections, I hope and pray that what holds us together and strong is love and love only. If the universe was made on love for love, for every creature to give, receive, and experience it and for God to give love, then the universe’s way of sustaining it probably is relationship. For when a man isolates himself from love, the relationship is broken. But like all cut threads, there are many ways to mend them again, to tie new stronger knots, to reconcile.

Everything and everyone is connected, brothers and sisters, friends and lovers, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, cousins, colleagues, neighbors, and I think about that one homily too that I cannot forget: the priest saying the Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. They are One, but they are still in relation to one another. God’s love is relational. When He loves us, it is because we are His. We are His sons and daughters. When we hurt ourselves, we may as well be hurting our parents, our friends, a butterfly fluttering about who may have gotten that bad energy from us. Our bodies get that energy too, our cells, which is probably why stress does manifest itself unhealthily in bodies.

And speaking of neighbors, if everything indeed is related and connected, regardless of physical space, then aren’t we all truly neighbors? And I think about the next commandment, second to loving God with all of our hearts, minds, and souls: love our neighbors as we love ourselves. The love with which we give ourselves, the love we give to our neighbors. How we relate to ourselves will show in how we relate to others.

Everything is connected.

That is why our responsibilities in writing, in speaking, in doing, in believing, in sharing, in loving may have a minuscule or heavy impact on someone or on the world or on the universe.

In the words of Madeleine: “Thou cannot harm a butterfly, without troubling a star.”

I pray that whatever we do, may it be done in the only Truth, the only Goodness, the only Love that our loving Creator intended for all Creation. May we consider the consequences and think of the possibilities.

Again, I pray that we care about each other not only because of the fact that we are related and because we are scared of what we sow may be what we reap but more of the calling and sweet blessing to sincerely and truly care for other people, because we do care for them. Because we love them.


Connection. Just an hour ago, I was reading about how Hollywood may approach the spiritual themes in A Wrinkle in Time, and then fast forward to right now, writing about relationships. One dot to another. One star to another. Constellations.

While thinking about the cosmic, the humanity, and the microscopic, it can get overwhelming, knowing that we are limited and ‘our thoughts are not His thoughts.’ And as Madeleine said in A Wind in the Door, size is relative.

As I ponder more, I can’t help but be astounded by the One who made us, who designed us and our bodies and who formulated the stars and put the feathers of a peacock together and made the hummingbirds flutter fast. Our God is so much more than how we imagine Him to be… He can teach us anywhere, anytime “through things that only we can understand,” which is something I read in a book by James Martin SJ. He can speak to me in Bible verses and songs and books and life and nature and science and the love of my Mom and Dad; He can speak to a friend through music, poetry, politics, travel. He can speak to a stranger through energy, the cosmos, the water.

With all of these in writing, I truly do not know anything; maybe I’m just making wishes or perhaps the better term is making prayers: prayers of hope, of redemption, of unity and peace, of understanding, of honoring and acknowledging our relationship with each other, of being ourselves, unique and different from each other but still the same…


I may not know much, but I do understand, and what I do understand is that in the beginning and the end and the middle and now and always and in eternity, love is the strongest and purest force in the universe and in time, love is hope, and true love is as it is: lifting the receiver closer to God, to love.


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