Deconstructing Pride


In between the pages of a notebook I jotted down notes in for work and some lessons in animation were also words in pencil about pride… Whenever I felt proud of myself or what I have accomplished in a certain area, I have to remind myself that pride can poison.

Instead of being proud of something, I’ve learned that it is better to have faith in something. It’s much better to say that I have a little faith in myself rather than I am so proud of myself.

I really do not like pride, for it can raise me up instead of glorifying God who is the Source of all our gifts. It hinders humility, vulnerability, and teachability, and it shines the light on you more, forgetting that so many more people are better, kinder, wiser. Pride keeps you from admitting your wrongs, from honestly opening up about your weaknesses and shortcomings, and from asking how you could improve on what you lack or what you have too much of.

So I wrote these notes down – I can’t remember when, but I know I wrote them because I let pride speak rather than listening well to a colleague’s advice on something.

May faith speak instead.









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