June – a beautiful name, word, month

June went and said goodbye so soon.

As I reflect on the happenings the past month, I realize it has been such busy yet fruitful 30 days wherein I had to go through times when I needed to trust God.

I got to spend more quality time with my Mom and Dad, and I got to take on responsibilities I was new at, fumbling yet eager to learn from the mistakes. I got to travel to another unfamiliar place, one jeep and two train rides away from where I live, and talk to fellow artists and get advice from them. The weekdays and weekends have been packed with activity, and rest only settled for the later hours. There were nights I would cry or complain about the little time I had for myself – my parents have heard so much (or too much) from my repeated ‘problems,’ but God was teaching me life-changing lessons here through the advices of my Mom and Dad and through this rainy and thunderous month of June.

Because I want to grow my attitude to be positive, grateful, and reflective, I’ve compiled again the events I am thankful for last month. Taking a leaf out of Ferris Bueller’s book: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” 

  • Seeing one of our old officemates who has been like a mother figure for us again when she visited our office
  • Meeting halfway with my Mom and Dad to have dinner together after work
  • Going home to my Mom and Dad
  • Being trusted and encouraged to take on a leadership role
  • Walking and getting drenched in the rain on the 2nd of June even though I had an umbrella with me
  • Traveling with no set plans to the northern parts of the Philippines with my Mom and Dad; we spent two days and one night in a place in Baguio that still lovingly held our earlier memories as a family
  • God’s guidance and protection whenever my parents and I travel somewhere
  • My Dad tapping on the window of my seat in the bus, saying goodbye before his flight
  • Seeing my teammates grow and go out of their comfort zones
  • The one-day video shoot for one of our products with cooperative, patient, and understanding officemates
  • Our superiors and colleagues at work appreciating our finished video; we went out to dinner to celebrate one rainy evening
  • Cooking my own meals one Sunday again after getting inspired by the talented kids in Master Chef Australia
  • Reading Goodnight Philippines, Goodnight World, written by Mila Bongco-Philipzig and illustrated by Frances Alvarez
  • Finished reading Matthew Kelly’s Rediscover Jesus and Francis Chan’s Crazy Love
  • The 118th Independence Day of the Philippines
  • Celebrating Father’s Day and writing something for my Dad
  • Playing badminton again another rainy evening with my officemates
  • Kate sleeping over at our home with us watching trailers of our favorite movies and plays, Wolf Children, and a few episodes of The Bible
  • God healing us
  • Watching Finding Dory with my Mom, then watching it again with Kate when she slept over
  • The lesson of allowing the positive weigh more than the negative
  • Listening to my Mom as she recounted the story of the live adaptation of The Jungle Book during our ride back to our province
  • Finishing sketching my 3 studies and attending the June Monthly Meeting and Peer Review Session of Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan in ROOTS Katipunan (I will write about this on another post!)
  • Getting to briefly talk with one of my favorite Filipino illustrators, Frances Alvarez!
  • Archie, one of our teammates, treating us to dinner as he will be resigning soon
  • Teared up during our teammate’s sendoff
  • Listening one afternoon to my Mom sharing about the stories of a few Golden State Warriors players
  • Attending a Wedding Expo with my boss and teammate one Saturday morning
  • Witnessing a situation when a leader calmly handled a conflict and gave importance to the dignity of people and respect for people
  • Being with family even when we’re far and when we’re together

I do not want to miss this borrowed life. Thank You, Lord, for these days of June.


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