When is it right to say that you need to rediscover Jesus? Is there ever a right time, even? My time to rediscover our Savior happened on the second day of 2016 when my Tita Tess gave me the 2016 Bible Diary, along with a purple and textured book authored by Matthew Kelly. She said that they gave away this book for free in their Church, and giving books for free is always something that makes me happy!

Was it time for me to rediscover Jesus by then?

Maybe. It did say in the cover that this was an invitation.

It’s difficult to decline an invitation such as this.

Rediscovery happens when we need to see something or someone in a fresh perspective. It’s the same as re-learning when you have to review a topic you may have forgotten already, may have misunderstood, or may have not studied a little deeper than what was required.

And Jesus is Someone whose character, whose teachings, whose identity are things we would often forget about or take for granted when life gets busy with work and other worries.



Matthew Kelly’s book Rediscover Jesus understands that we are a busy people, so he recommends that one reads a chapter a day instead of the cover-to-cover approach. This is similar to how one would read Rick Warren’s Purpose-Driven Life. Purpose-Driven Life came to my hands on the right time in 2013.

This 40-day spiritual journey in the form of this purple book did too.

I did read one chapter a day but not consecutively. If my memory serves me right, I started this around February, and the supposed to be 40 days extended up to June.

And it’s okay. These kinds of books need not be rushed.

After a chapter, the reader can reflect on a Point to Ponder, Verse to Life, Question to Consider, and Prayer. Ever since we got really busy at work, I find that I am not able to reflect much on the day’s happenings and lessons as much as I liked to compared in college. So sometimes, my answers to the questions aren’t really what my heart fully wanted to respond with.


It took me a week to finally write something about Rediscover Jesus. I couldn’t make up in my mind how I would write about it… About something that’s spiritual and honest without sounding so unreal and insincere.

For all that I’ve learned from this book about Jesus’ character and His radical love for us, I pray that I can apply them by starting and continuing habits of prayer. Matthew Kelly also listed down four practical ways on how to rediscover Jesus. May you and I be able to do these constantly in our lives:

  1. Read the four Gospels, over and over again, for fifteen minutes each day.

  2. Practice the Prayer Process. This is a simple process designed to help you enter into a daily conversation with Jesus.

  3. Deny yourself. Find a handful of small ways to deny yourself each day.

  4. Practice spontaneous prayer. Talk to Jesus about the events of your day as they are unfolding.

Also, if there’s another thing I’d like to share about rediscovering Jesus is that it’s not supposed to happen only once.

Rediscovery, like surrender, is something we must do daily. We rediscover Jesus in many ways besides the four things stated above.

We relearn about Him when we have to relearn a lesson we thought we already knew, when we listen to another person talk about his thoughts and feelings about Jesus, and when we meet our Savior in the form of our family, friends, and people we meet by chance in the streets.

Every day is an invitation to know Someone we thought we had all figured out.

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