Some Things to be Thankful for


I am thankful for the ordinary miracle in coming home safely every day after work. It is a fact that sometimes I can take for granted. For us to arrive safely to our homes with our families is in itself a big blessing.

I am thankful for the time that my Dad and I were able to spend this month. My Dad only stayed here for two weeks. I wish it could have been longer; nonetheless, I am glad. It is not about the length that you are together, rather, it is about how you spend the time that you are given with each other.

I am thankful for this one particular blessing that came our way. It’s a key to having one of my biggest dreams realized. It is not a grand dream, but it is a special dream of mine ever since I was a child. Receiving this still feels surreal, but I know it is real, and it is truly a grace from God. I do not want to overtake God’s will and suddenly make all these plans. Right now, I am content and joyful and just brimming with excitement. Still, whatever Your will is, Lord, let it be. Thank You for this. I could not have done it without You, my Mom and Dad, our relatives, and kind and thoughtful people in our lives.

I am thankful for my Mom and Dad, for our little pets, for my loving aunts, uncles, and cousins, and for God to put me in this little humble family of ours. I always thank God for family. Always. May we all be surrounded by people we love tonight.

I am thankful for the gifts that God has given me. I am humbled to be asked by my friend Julie (who will be going to Indonesia tomorrow for a 10-day-long exchange program!) for tips on making video documentaries. I am learning too because video documentaries aren’t really my forte, but with the knowledge I gained back in college and in my own experiences, I did my best to come up with some tips for her. May You remind me always, Lord, that these gifts I have are all from You. And I want to share all I know and have to others!

I am thankful for birthdays. It was my friend Cleudine’s birthday yesterday. I am glad that her students in her advisory class celebrated her special day and that my friend is very much loved by the people around her. Also, this October, our company is celebrating its 20th anniversary! Twenty years is indeed a long time, like what our boss said. It is a product of their hard work, patience, and grace from God.

I am thankful for the little moments like coming back home after a hard day’s work and seeing my Mom or Dad greet me at the door. For sleeping soundly next to Dida while he watches TV. For sharing meals with my family and others. For talking to Mima on the phone and hearing her stories about her day and about our pets.

I am thankful for the times when I am disciplined and when I am told honestly about my own flaws and shortcomings. I’d rather have my pride pound down into dust than to have my inappropriate or moody behavior tolerated. How would I know if I am wrong if nobody told me? I learned this phrase from Ate Pat’s blog: “Embrace the correction.” When I am being corrected, I am thankful that my Mom and Dad care about my growth, that my superiors or colleagues do too. It is not something to attack you but something that can make you learn and be better. To be painfully honest and loving. Thank you.

I am thankful that as I type in the next paragraph, I know I have a new one to say thank you for again. I am overwhelmed, truly. And as always, like what my friend Denise once said, “We are blessed so we can give.”

I am looking forward to new opportunities to give again, Lord. Please expand my heart to love You more, my family and friends more, and other people you want me to serve in my own little ways. Thank You.

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