Muddy Shoes, Roasted Marshmallows



The company I am working at now for almost eleven months came at the right time in my life. This has been one of the times when I could say that God’s timing is perfect.


It was a two-hour ride from Manila to Lipa, Batangas where Bluroze Farms Parks and Wildlife was located. I will always remember the two days that my officemates and I stayed there. I was surrounded by the warmest, kindest, and most fun people ever, and I kind of regret not being able to bond with them, because I was part of the games committee.



However, there were highlights of being part of the committee! In retrospect, I liked it. Though I was a spectator, I enjoyed every minute of it. I loved seeing everyone being unapologetically and sincerely just themselves. And I delighted in taking videos of them. The prospect of editing the video and to show it in our General Assembly was running at the back of my mind too that time! Oh, it just makes me happy seeing them all happy and to catch it on video? It’s something that we should share with each other.




I loved their energy, their teamwork, that they are all having fun, even when the scheduled date of our camping trip as a company was rushed. (By rushed, I mean, “Guys, bukas na yung camping natin.” (Guys, our camping trip is tomorrow.)




I have so many fond memories like getting to decide which venue we would stay at with Ms Des, Sir Alvin, and Archie. I also enjoyed teaming up as part of the games committee with Sir Alexis, Archie, Ms Freda, Ms Lovely, and Sir Carlo (I apologize for being so impatient/irritable/tired sometimes!) And of course, the camping itself at Bluroze, which I may add is such a serene place! Ms Lovely was right in saying that it’s a good place for a little bit of soul searching.


My favorite moments included the cold mornings at 4:30 AM; the sunrise; climbing the water tower by myself and not continuing up to the top because I respected and knew my limits; seeing ostriches, birds, lambs, ducks, doves, and sheep;



our games like the Maze Runner where the only thing you could hear were yells of “Alpha, alpha,” “Bravo,” and “Cuckoo, cuckoo!”; muddy shoes and earthworms; roasted hotdogs and marshmallows in the bonfire with light rain blessing us from heaven; learning something about not giving in to pressure, and that the idea of team building is to grow your character and not your temper; getting to talk a bit with little Miggy; praying before meals and sharing; damp tents and moving them lots of times to dry places; cheering for your team;


the vast expanses of greeneries; learning something about being selfless (I learned this when I noticed that our boss was always the last to get food from the serving table – he always let all of us get our share first); the chance to see my officemates in a different setting other than the office; learning something about keeping calm even when pressure is staring at you in the face (I learned this from my colleague Archie when he was facing lots of questions from everyone regarding the points system and rules); and the chance to build teamwork and friendships.


I thank God for bringing me here to this company, as well as the special wonderful people who trusted me and gave me a chance. I should be working more enthusiastically. This has been a tremendous blessing for me.

I look forward to growing with you all as a family. I hope we can all be complete in the next adventure!

You are all wonderful people – it is only through written words that I can say them. I cannot really say it in person, because my shyness hinders me from doing so. But yes, nothing changes that I enjoy everybody’s company a lot and you are so fun to be with.

There are no dull moments at all. 🙂

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