In Case You Forget



In case you forget, remember who pulled you out of your own chaos and shortcomings, who erased your guilt and your shame, who loved you in all your good and bad combined until you were pounded into mere dust. He saved you – do not ever forget that. God was there in your hurting, and He is now in your healing. Remember He who who has forgiven you, who has accepted you, who has prepared a feast because you returned from your life of sin. He calls the lost and loves them whole-heartedly. Because you have been loved and forgiven, so should you be more loving and forgiving of yourself and others as well. Please do not forget that He does not see how bad you can be – only you are the one who sees that. God sees how good you can be. God sees how good we all can be. He gave us a chance, it’s time for us to take it.

In case you forget, remember Jay Enrile’s Thank You. Remember Switchfoot. Remember Gungor’s Late Have I Loved You. Remember The Sing Team’s Satisfied in You. Remember the songs you listened to, that helped you go through the toughest of times. Remember the books you read and the notes you wrote to yourself and called ‘reminders’ because you easily forget or overlook them. Remember all the people who saved you, who loved you at your worst, who had the concern and time to discipline you when you needed it, who made you grow, who inspired you to have a more intimate relationship with Christ, who made you reconsider surrendering and having faith, who pointed you to God.

In case you forget, let me tell you how encouraging and inspiring you are. Look at you – you’re growing! Years ago, you were so painfully shy, and you couldn’t look at people in the eye. You couldn’t buy at stores and couldn’t talk much properly with others. And not just that – you have gone through so much. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You know what you have been through, all the bad thoughts, all the crying, the regret, the doubt, the shame, all the honest talks with God at night and the in-betweens at work – you do not need to defend yourself. Sometimes, it is better to keep quiet and pray. Please tell yourself that you have been strong even in the face of being exposed to your own weaknesses. You’re learning that sadness and loneliness are not to be afraid of but something to help you in knowing what to ask for from God. These negative emotions help you in seeking honesty more with yourself and with Him. You are not where you have been. You are taking baby steps, but look at how far you and God have gone together. The bones in your arms are twisting, tingling, because they are happy for carrying your pains across to the Lord who lightens your burdens. Learn from the past and let go. Live in today.

In case you forget, you are loved and you have been blessed, so stop worrying, stop going over the past, forgive yourself for the seventy-seventh time and continue your walk with God and be surprised where He will take you.

In case your forget, remember seeing the face of God in your Mom and your Dad, your two closest friends since elementary school, and all the people who helped you to reach where you are today. You are alive, you are breathing, you are growing, you are blooming, you are forgiving, you are trusting, you are believing, you are walking, you are running, you are learning, you are loving yourself. And when you are learning that, God sees that it is time for you to love others all the more starting today. Because you have love from Him, now you can pass it on.

In case you forget, you are loved by God more than you will ever know. You are loved by your Mima and Dida, your closest friends, your pets Siba, Twixie, Harry, Huey, Portia, Sweater, and Mocha, your tita’s and tito’s, your Nanay and Tatay, your cousins, and your friends you met on Tumblr. Is there anything more that you can ask for?

I thought so.

You are loved.

At the end of the day, that is what truly matters.

Now, pass it on, child. Pass on the love from above.

Arli, 22

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