Chasing Sunsets with Clouds in our Eyes

A climactic instrumental song played all throughout our drive down the area where we would have a spectacular view of the sunset. The clock was ticking, the path was surrounded by clouds, the sun was in a hurry to go down. I thought we were able to see it better when we were on a higher altitude, but my Dad told me otherwise so we drove down the mountain relatively fast to chase the sunset.

The sky was pink. The song’s tempo was telling us to go faster. When we reached the area we spotted during the day, we only saw the light coming from the sun, which was hiding from a line of dark clouds in the horizon.


Chasing sunsets with clouds in our eyes with a score from the Life of Pi trailer playing in the background. I felt like Pi when he witnessed a thunderstorm at sea.

It was December 2012 in Baguio City, Philippines.







Baguio has always been special to me. I think it’s because I’ve visited the place as different versions of myself. And Dad studying in Baguio also makes it extra special. He still sported an afro then! Mom and I would say that he looked like a goon.





I think we have visited Baguio four times. The first time was when I was around 6 or 7 years old. In my room in the province, I have a photo of my Mom, my Dad, and me sitting together on a bench somewhere in Baguio. I remember having a photo with Ma’s arms wrapped around me in front of a long river and there was also one when we were standing against a cloudy sky at Mines View Park.


The second time, we brought Twixie with us. She’s our little Golden Retriever. Today, she is 12 years old in human years so that makes her 84 years old in dog years. She may be a granny now, but she still looks like a puppy! I recall that we were staying in a quaint hotel with red floors and a lobby full of antique furniture. I think I wasn’t that keen on staying in the lobby, because it scared me a lot as a child. It was during this time when we met a dog who lived in the hotel grounds too. Another Golden Retriever, only lighter in color just like Twixie’s daughter Portia! Her name is Tiara. 🙂

The third time was when I was in sixth grade already. Mom, Dad, and me went again to Baguio for Christmas. I had a picture with a certain grave in the Lost Cemetery.



Who knew that I would be having my picture taken again with this guy nine years after? (He was color black several years ago.) Maybe after all that I’ve been through recently, I can say that I’ve quite started acting and thinking maturely? But I guess Mom and Dad would beg to disagree again.

“I know you’re mature but you can be very gullible sometimes.”

I agree.

Mom and Dad before often joked that I would never reach maturity because I was still acting like a child. But as Mom said to me months ago, there is a difference between being child-like and being childish. I agree again.


And now, I had visited the place again last 2012 with my Dad only this time.


Turtle Dida!







Traveling with either Mom or Dad makes me feel safe. That nothing could ever harm me.

Sometimes when I go home from work and see them waiting for me in this little place in the city, my heart lifts to knock on the door and find them cooking dinner or watching the news. When Mom or Dad and I would drive to someplace too, it’s always special. Just the simple act of it. We don’t have to go to attractions, to restaurants or anything. It’s just comforting to be with them. To be like a child again. I thank God that He has given me to this small and humble family. I cannot reiterate how truly blessed I am to have my parents discipline me, nurture me, and unconditionally love and support me, regardless of the wrong decisions I have made in the past.




I wonder if I’m close to being the woman God wants me to be the next time I visit Baguio. 🙂

P.S. Dad takes really good photographs. I think he’s much better at it than I am. Here are some of his photos!





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